Rhode Island Police Officer Goes Barefoot To Save Little Dog Hiding In Tunnel

Peggy Edwards posted a story to Facebook that's warmed all of our hearts, in which a Woonsocket, Rhode Island police officer got down and dirty to save a stranded dog. Edwards saw the loose pup take off after being spooked by a moving car. Unfortunately, this little girl sought shelter inside a nearby tunnel. "She was stuck about 20-25 ft in and was clinging to the side," Edwards wrote. "We tried to help but were afraid of scaring her further in." She then called the Woonsocket Police, who sent Officer Joe Brazil to the rescue. officer rescues pup "He went in without hesitation and came out with a very wet, scared little dog," wrote Edwards, who happened to capture the moment Officer Brazil emerged, barefoot and smiling. Four paws up to this hero who refused to stand by when a pup was in danger!

Feature Image & H/T: Peggy Edwards/Facebook

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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