Police Officer Saves Chihuahua From Watery Doom of Sinking Truck

In a story that is as incredible as it is unbelievable, a Boston police officer risked life and limb to save a Chihuahua named Moochie from drowning in a submerged truck. Hero Cop 1 Officer David Harriman received a call from South Meadow Village, a 55-plus retirement community, about a truck that had careened into the lake and was now eight feet under the water. Upon arriving on the scene, Moochie's owner, Debra Titus, 59, was "completely frantic," telling the officers that her dog Moochie was still inside the submerged vehicle. Harriman wasted no time, removing his gun belt and shoes and diving into the water.  Harriman swam down to the truck and pulled Moochie to the surface.  Moochie was unconscious, but began breathing again after Harriman gave it "a little squeeze." Hero Cop 2 Described by his colleagues as an "avid dog lover," Harriman never thought twice about leaping in the lake to save the pup. "We showed up at the water and saw the vehicle was submerged. We were told a dog was still in it, so I did what I felt I should do - go in and get the dog," Harriman told the Boston Herald. 'He wasn't moving at all when I first got to him, and then when I got him to the surface, he came to,' Harriman told WCBV. Moochie's owner was extremely grateful and relieved that her dog was safe and unharmed.  Officer Harriman, who owns an English Bulldog named Jax, said he understands that dogs are like family members. Harriman had to leave and head back to work shortly after rescuing the pup, but returned later to check on Moochie and his owner. "An hour later, when I went back to the scene, he looked like a little fluff ball. We’d all do it. I know it’s something that’s important to us," Harriman told the Boston Herald.  
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Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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