Official Four-Legged Baseball Bat Retriever Fetches For…Cats?

Written by: Marissa Rubenstein

June 26, 2015

If you happen to be at a minor league baseball game in New Hampshire this summer you may notice that one of the bat boys is just slightly hairier than the rest!

Don’t worry — the New Hampshire Fisher Cats don’t just have a bat boy who overdosed on some Rogaine, they actually have a bat dog, and Ollie the four year-old Golden Retriever may just have the best summer job around.

bat dog golden retriever

Maybe he’s born with it?
Ollie was born into bat-dog royalty, as his puppy papa Chase was a well-known professional bat retriever for the Trenton Thunder in his day. When Chase fathered a litter of puppies, Fisher Cats owner Rick Brenner knew that the minor league baseball team could use a four-legged boost.

What does a bat dog do?
Other than receiving some of the loudest cheers in the stadium when he appears, Ollie is trained to run out onto the field to grab bats that the players leave after they hit the ball. Press play to catch Ollie in action:

But really, a cat team with a bat dog?
Nothing makes any sense anymore! According to Brenner, Ollie loves his job and can’t wait to run out to the field and perform his special duty. No word however on if he ever chases the Fisher Cat mascot!


H/T to The Concord Monitor & the New Hampshire Fisher Cats

Feature Image via the Concord Monitor

Written by: Marissa Rubenstein

June 26, 2015