Old Dog Who Was Last Of Nearly 600 Animals To Be Adopted Gets Hero’s Sendoff

Written by: Arin Greenwood

April 10, 2016

Angel went to the shelter thinking she might adopt a cat. She even brought a little cat carrier with her, just in case.

But when she arrived at the ASPCA’s North Carolina adoption event, where nearly 600 dogs and cats were looking for homes, Angel was told about five special needs dogs who were still waiting for the right family to snatch them up.

She figured she’d go take a look at them, and “as I walked toward the dog cages, Owen caught my eye,” Angel tells BarkPost. “His eyes locked with my eyes and it was love at first sight.”

Owen is 10 years old, and Angel was not in the market for a full-grown dog. Having been bitten, she says she’s “petrified of dogs.”

But Angel’s eyes were drawn to Owen, so she and her 14-year-old daughter asked to spend time with him in his kennel.

Says Angel:

We spent two hours with Owen getting to know him and allow him to get to know us as well to make sure we were a fit for him.

He was. They were. And by the time all was said and done – and signed – Owen was the last dog in the shelter.

When he was walking out to join his new family, ASPCA staff and volunteers gave Owen what they described on Twitter as “a hero’s send off.”

It’s been just a few weeks since Owen got adopted. He’s adjusted quickly to his new life as a spoiled, well-loved pet. Owen spends his days “lounging on the first level of our home or out on our boat dock or out on the golf course,” Angel reports — when he isn’t nestling into one of his favorite people’s laps.


He and the family cat have even gotten close. Angel — who asked BarkPost not to disclose her last name — sometimes catches them napping together.

The old boy has some health problems, but he tested negative for heartworms and has “the spunk of a puppy at times,” Angel says.

Owen with his human sister.

Owen with his human sister.
Angel doesn’t know much about what Owen’s life was like in the decade before she got him. He seems to get happy and excited around folks in military uniforms — like Angel’s husband — which may be a clue that dog had a previous owner in the Armed Services and that this owner was kind.

Another new person Owen encountered made him so nervous that he urinated on himself. Angel doesn’t know why; she probably never will.

She does know that Owen’s life from now on is going to be good. And he seems to know that, too.

Angel went to the store this morning. And when she came home, she’d found that Owen “took my blanket out of my recliner and pulled it to his bed. Says Angel: “He lacks for nothing.”


Featured image via the ASPCA

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Written by: Arin Greenwood

April 10, 2016

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