Olympian Gus Kenworthy Reunited With His Sochi Pups

We are overjoyed that Gus Kenworthy, the Olympian who spearheaded the Sochi stray adoptions at the games, was reunited with his pups: Mama, Jake and Mishka.

He stopped by TODAY with his friend and puppy transporter, Robin McDonald, to chat about his new pack members and the trials and tribulations of adoption.

“It’s just incredible. It feels so nice to have them home,” Gus told Matt Lauer and Tamron Hall. “These dogs, they’ve traveled thousands of miles and it’s been many, many weeks of this whole process kind of coming to an end and just really can’t thank Robin and the Humane Society International enough for making it happen.”

Unfortunately, due to government roadblocks and red tape, it was difficult to get the pups the proper care they needed and two of Kenworthy’s passed away while in Sochi. But this only makes Gus more determined to shower his new pups with love and fight for better conditions for shelter pups.

Gus responded to the international impact, saying, “I think that’s the best part for me. We’ve had people come up to both of us and tell us what they either donated to the Humane Society or went and adopted a dog here, so that’s awesome to see. I think that we’re really just hoping to bring awareness to the plight of the dogs in Russia and hopefully set up some shelters and stuff there. So in future world cups and different events, there will be a better system in place so this doesn’t happen again. So if someone wants to take a dog back, they can take a dog back. It’s not going to be a horrible process.”

High paws, Gus! Thanks for bringing attention to the international issue of shelter pup adoption. Check out the pawsome video:

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Source TODAY Show

Laura Hartle

8 years ago