How One Man And One Dog Saved Each Other’s Lives

Reviewed by Arin Greenwood

February 20, 2016

There’s no doubt about who rescued who in the case of Eric and Peety.

They rescued each other.


In 2010, Eric’s doctor told him to “buy a funeral plot” because he was going to need it within “the next five years.”

Eric had type 2 diabetes and was so obese that a flight he was one got held up because the airline attendants couldn’t find a long enough seatbelt extender.

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Instead of giving up, Eric got a dog — a black-and-white rescue pup named Peety.

Peety was also middle aged and overweight. He’d been left alone in a backyard before winding up in the Humane Society Silicon Valley.

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Together, Eric and Peety began to walk, then run.

Together, they got to live.

“He’d gone from a situation like I was, where he didn’t have any friends, and he didn’t know anybody, and really became a proud dog,” says Eric, in the above video.

“I’m still here, because a shelter dog saved my life.”

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This film about Eric and Peetey is the first in a series being created by Humane Society Silicon Valley, called “Mutual Rescue.”

From now through the end of April, HSSV is asking folks to share their own stories, of how they and an animal saved each other.

“Every day, we witness the transformative and profound impact – on both lives – of connecting an animal with a person,” said HSSV President Carol Novello in a statement.

Four of the submissions will be chronicled in their own short films – love stories, one and all.

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Featured image via Mutual Rescue/YouTube

Reviewed by Arin Greenwood

February 20, 2016