Someone Brought A Bear Into Doggie Daycare… Wait A Second

Operation BearDog, which is made-up and ridiculous in every way, can be checked off as mission complete. When the image was posted to Reddit by TheRedFoxx, curious humans from all over the interwebz battled over what this creature really is. Ge8j71I Is it a bear? Is it a dog? We're going with BearDog for now, but others are a bit more creative... ewok teddy ruxpin wombat It looked as though this would become a mystery as great as the dress debate. Alas, the original poster assured folks the creature is in fact a Pomeranian with a fantastic hairdresser. [bp_related_article] It turns out human Caleb Winters is the DogBear's dad, and the pup's name is actually Bounce. How cute is that? The photo was taken by a doggie daycare attendant at The Dog Spot in Nashville, Tennessee, and has since gone viral. Bounce, your cuteness astounds us all.
H/t Buzzfeed, Featured Image via Imgur

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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