How To Help These Shelter Dogs Get Into Great Foster Homes

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 25, 2016

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Operation Foster Bound is a new initiative by Foster Dogs NYC to focus on several local shelter dogs who are getting zero interest from potential fosters or adopters.

It’s tragic to see these dogs get passed over time and time again, for reasons that are beyond their control. Some of these featured dogs are large, need obedience and leash training, display nervous behaviors, etc.

Because many of them cannot live with other animals, this narrows down their possibilities, along with the fact that some of them are Pit Bull mixes and are banned from many NYC buildings.


They are so great when given the opportunity, and just want a real home where they can work on being a “normal” dog, away from stressful kennel life.

We have posted thousands of dogs to, and have seen many types of pups find homes. The dogs who wait the longest are those who come with training challenges, along with their being large and/or Pit Bulls.

If we can find a positive solution to this problem, and home in on typical foster concerns, we think we can get these dogs fostered — and eventually adopted!


When a dog is rescued from a kill shelter, that might be where his/her journey begins; some dogs wait months, possibly years, for a good home. That is a long time, and can take a negative toll on that dog’s psyche from so much time in a shelter or boarding kennel.

Living in a home can make all the difference, when paired with positive reinforcement and consistency.


Through Operation Foster Bound, we hope to remove the burdens from the foster parent, such as: food costs, obedience training, nice photos, basic supplies, and more! With these efforts, this program can be a huge success.

Let’s get these Operation Foster Bound dogs into foster homes and adoptive homes, so we can help more shelter dogs and save more lives!

Meet the canine participants:

REGINA (Sean Casey Animal Rescue)

BEAR (Sean Casey Animal Rescue)

REY (Sean Casey Animal Rescue)

BERNIE (Twenty Paws Animal Rescue) – just found a foster home!

ARIEL (Twenty Paws Animal Rescue)

ONYX (Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue) – just found a foster home!

RIKKI (Mr. Bones & Co.) – just found a foster home!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 25, 2016

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