Your Rescue Dog Could Be the Next Cuddly Kids Toy!

When Laurie Brown-Nagin was driving in uptown Manhattan one day, she didn’t expect to get a dog.

But spotting a tiny puppy enfolded in the arms of an NYPD officer, she couldn’t help but pull over and ask about the puppy’s story.

Jingles as a puppy
Jingles as a puppy

That puppy’s name was Jingles, and she is now not only a member of the family, she’s the inspiration behind Operation ResCute.

Operation ResCute is the brainchild of Laurie Brown-Nagin, born out of her desire to help educate children everywhere about dogs like Jingles.

The ResCute Jingles set
The ResCute Jingles set

“We want to change the conversation in households when it comes to getting a pet,” explained Ms. Brown-Nagin over the phone. “So, not only to have kids know about shelter dogs, but to start saying, ‘I want a shelter dog’ to their parents instead of ‘I want to go to the pet store!'”

A fan with Jingles!
A fan with ResCute Jingles!

Launched this August, this non-profit has all proceeds go directly to animal rescues. They offer children books about real-life rescued pups. Each book comes with a stuffed animal of the featured dog, as well asa sticker for the child that says, “I am a ResCuter!”

The series kicks off with the story of Jingles. The next ResCute dog, named Tanner, will be released around the holidays.

Tanner, the 2nd ResCute
A sneak peek of ResCute Tanner!

As for the third, it’s up to the public to decide. Operation ResCute has a contest currently running to find the next ResCute! Pup parents of adopted dogs can go to their website and upload a picture and the story of their pooch. The winner will have their fur baby be the next ResCute story!

For more on Operation ResCute, check out their website! Currently the ResCute books and accompanying kits are not available in retail stores, however you can purchase them through Amazon or through the site.

Jingles and Tanner, grown up and best friends in real life!
Jingles and Tanner, best friends IRL!

All images via Operation ResCute and Laurie Brown-Nagin.

Lisa Bernier

8 years ago