Sea-Faring Pup Meets Legendary Luna The Orca, Offers Her Big Sloppy Kiss

***Note: BarkPost does not encourage its readers to introduce their dogs to animals which may pose a threat to the dog's well-being. In the case of this video's co-star, Luna the Orca was well-known by the local and scientific community. Her passing was lamented by many. There is no reason to believe that Luna was hunting the dog in this video, or that the dog was ever at risk of being injured by the whale.*** The whale in this video, Luna, or L98 for tracking purposes, was something of a local legend in Nootka Sound, British Columbia. She was captured in this video in all her natural splendor. After filling up on some fish she decided to introduce herself to the four-legged sailor on board the SS Jessie. And boy did they really hit it off! Luna was known by most everybody that lived near or visited the marina, but the pup in the video must have thought she was a giant mer-dog! At least that's what we tell ourselves. :)

Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago

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