Orphaned Baby Fox Lives The Fairytale Life With His Gorgeous Collie Foster Mom

Written by: Regina Lizik

March 3, 2016

Tiny fox Dinozzo’s mother was hit by a car and killed. It seemed like it would also be the end of the kit’s life, as he didn’t have much of a chance of survival without his mom.


But it wasn’t the end for this little guy. He found a home with Werner and Angelika Schmaing, who live in Germany. The three week old fox also found something even better than kind humans – he found a foster mom in Ziva, who is possibly the most gorgeous Collie in the world.

collie adopts fox 1

Werner and Angelika have saved many orphaned animals, including a Bengal cat named Leopold. Leopold and Dinozzo have become best friends.

bengal cat and dinozzo

The cat has taught the fox how to get in and out of the house in a super sly way.

dinozzo 2

Although Dinozzo has lots of animals to play with, he prefers to spend his time close to Ziva, his foster mom.

ziva and dinozzo 2

The pair live a fairytale life, full of snuggles and playtime.

ziva and dinozzo 3

… and lots of silly kisses.

ziva and dinozzo 5

Dinozzo’s life may have had a tragic beginning, but his present and his future are full of fluffy joy!

ziva and dinozzo 4

We’re so grateful that dogs like Ziva exist. She’s a wonderful example of the unconditional love that dogs give to anyone who needs it.

Feature image and h/t via Bored Panda.

Written by: Regina Lizik

March 3, 2016