We’ve Found the Next Snoopy and He’s A Corgi

Stepping up to join the ranks of beloved comic doges like Marmaduke and Rin Tin Tin is Corgi Sir Otis Frogsworth (Otis for short), whose adorable mug hides a razor sharp wit. We've talked about this awesome pup before, but he and his hooman pawtner-in-crime The Frogman. Case in point? Check out Otis's recent comic featuring none other than BarkBox! otiscorgi1   otiscorgi2   otiscorgi3   otiscorgi4   otiscorgi5   otiscorgi6   For more on the adventures of Otis, check out blog and instagram! Also, see how Otis's story began below :) :
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Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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