Meet Otis, Corgi King Of Da Internet

Written by: Alia

July 9, 2014

Meet Otis (full name Sir Otis Frogsworth), the two-year-old Corgi who is taking the internet by storm! His dad, who goes by The Frogman, often includes his fur baby in his comedic blog posts. My personal favorite are the impawssibly adorable photoshopped pictures (below).



Otis became increasingly pupular and eventually earned himself his own blog and even started his own comic called The Corg Life!

Corgi Life

The Frogman suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and had decided to get Otis in 2012 to help lift his spirits. “He’s made a huge impact on my happiness, and I think seeing his antics on the Internet makes others happy too,” The Frogman said in an interview with The Daily Dot 2012.

Otis And Frogman

Check out this adorable video documenting the first meeting between The Frogman and Otis:

Otis is yet another example of the pure joy and unconditional ruv these furry friends give us. If you want to get in on the ruv, check out BarkBox’s new app BarkBuddy (aka Tinder for dogs) to find your pawfect fuzzy butted companion!

Written by: Alia

July 9, 2014