An Ode To The Delightful Dingus: Kassie

kassie-540 Dogs can be many things: family and friends, guides and guardians, perky playmates and snoozy snugglers. And some dogs, bless their farts, are just straight up goofballs. I speak of the Dingus: that famed class of dog that sticks their whole head in the bowl of water; the dog that can’t even sit still without looking awkward; the dog that hasn’t quite figured out what to do with their mouth, like, ever. In fact, we’re such huge fans of the “Dingus” that we dedicated our very first print magazine issue to them. And, had our talented friend Sophie Gamand capture some of BarkPost’s own pups at their dingusiest. Check out these bios of our favorite Dinguses. And if you see yourself in one of these hopelessly awkward pups: you’re not alone.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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