Wiggly Pibble Would Like To Move Out Of His Shelter Crate, Please

Written by: Ellyn Kail

February 19, 2016

***Update 1/4/2016***

Hawkeye has been adopted into a loving home! To help dogs like him, please consider adopting, volunteering, or donating to the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter.

***Original Post***

If you were to walk through the kennels at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Long Island, you’d have no idea that in the very back, tucked away in his own little room, a little red and white dog sits waiting.

When 2-year-old Hawkeye sees people, he lights up with joy, yearning to say hello and to be taken outside, but sadly few have given him a second glance.


Last summer, Hawkeye and his sister Petals experienced a traumatic event. They were abandoned in a park, tied to a fence and unable to escape. They were rescued by the shelter, given food and a place to rest their heads. Petals was adopted into a loving home, but Hawkeye was left behind, and is becoming increasingly anxious in the stressful environment. Sometimes, all he wants is someone to keep him company.



This boy is a rare and special dog; his greatest joy is being around people and playing fetch. When he’s let outside, in fact, he is so overcome with delight that he can amuse himself endlessly with a toy, checking in every once in a while to make sure his human friends aren’t going anywhere.


I was playing, but I wanted to stop and snuggle for a bit. I’m just so grateful to anyone who takes the time to take me outside <3

Posted by Hawkeye the Wiggly Pibble on Friday, February 26, 2016

Unfortunately, Hawkeye suffers from severe kennel anxiety, and due to his frantic spinning (brought on by fear), he is unable to be in the kennels with the other dogs or attend adoption fairs where there are lots of other animals. Because he is kept in the back room, he gets to see very few friendly faces. The staff and volunteers at the shelter make sure to mention him to potential adopters, but almost no one has taken the time to go and visit.

comfy in the cage

Putting Hawkeye back inside his crate after play time in the yard is heartbreaking for the people who work with him. Every time she has to take him in, staff member Cindy Gomez is overcome with emotion, knowing that his anxiety is only getting worse in the shelter environment.


Although he has staff and volunteers who love him, Hawkeye leads a lonely life. From behind the door in his room, he hears people visiting the other dogs, hoping with all his might that one day someone will ask to see him. When he sees people, says volunteer Niall Harkins, his green-brown eyes glitter, his big ears perk up, and his whole body starts “wiggling back and forth at 90 miles an hour.”

Hawkeye’s condition is deteriorating inside the kennel environment, and he needs to get out fast. He loves learning and can’t wait until he’s in a safe place where he can let his guard down and finally be himself. Hawkeye is looking for an adult home, and he would like to be the only pet.


He promises to offer the unconditional love and gratitude only a dog who has been overlooked all his life is capable of giving. Please help share Hawkeye’s story and get him into a foster or forever home.

If you think you might be Hawkeye’s person, please contact Hempstead Town Animal Shelter by phone at (516) 785-5220 or by email at [email protected] You can also follow this pup’s journey on Facebook at Hawkeye the Wiggly Pibble. For the perfect home, transportation is an option. He’ll be waiting.

Featured Image via Hawkeye the Wiggling Pibble/Facebook

Written by: Ellyn Kail

February 19, 2016