Owner Reunited With Dog After Seeing Her In Police Chase On The News

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 19, 2016

Morning commuters in Mesa, Arizona got quite the surprise on their way to work earlier this week when they saw a big black dog going for a run down the highway. Luckily, Summer had a happy reunion with her owner Kelly Nichols after being missing for two days. So what happened?

Summer had herself a little adventure when she escaped through an unlocked gate on Friday night. With no collar and no identification, Summer ran for two days. And she got into a scary situation when she ended up on the highway.

Summer Running on the Highway
Eventually, Summer wound up on US 60 near the Gilbert Road exit. Traffic quickly came to a halt as Summer sped down the highway. Several drivers tried to get Summer into their cars, but Summer got scared and just kept running. Troopers from the Arizona Department of Public Safety were even called in to help catch Summer. They chased Summer down for a good 30 minutes, but Summer evaded capture as she darted in and out of traffic.

Patrick Flanigan was one of the people on their way to work on Monday morning when he saw Summer’s big escapade. Luckily, he decided to get out and help. He managed to grab Summer and hold onto her until the troopers could get a collar on her. Summer got scared and wound up biting Flanigan’s hand in the process, but Flanigan had no regrets. “We have a dog, we have kids. I know if our dog was out, we would want someone to do the same thing,” he told Fox 10.

Finally, after two days on the run, Summer had an emotional reunion with her family. “This is definitely her,” a tearful Nichols said as an ecstatic Summer wagged her tail and jumped up during their reunion.

“I am super happy she is in one piece, I’ll be able to take her home, and she won’t go without her collar and her information ever again,” Nichols told Fox 10.

Poor Summer’s ordeal isn’t quite over yet, though. Because she had bitten Flanigan, Summer had to go into quarantine for 10 days so that they could check for rabies. But Summer should be back home safe and sound very soon. And hopefully she won’t be making any more impromptu runs down the highway.

Featured image via Fox 10 & Andrew Hasbun/Twitter
H/T: Fox 10

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 19, 2016