Paintings Of A Girl And Her Giant Dog Will Challenge Your Sense Of Reality

Korean-based artist Jeong Woojae can send you into an entirely different world with just one glance at his work. He has painted a series of scenes with a teenage girl and what we can only assume is a mammoth Miniature Pinscher.


They’re beautiful, exciting, and distort life just enough for us to ignore the fact that they are the product of the artist’s imagination.


Once you get past the incredible surrealism of the images (are these really not real?), it’s not difficult to unravel Jeong’s meaning behind them. A description on a blog with his works reads:

Concerned by the increasingly unfeeling nature of our fast-paced society, Jeong maintains that humanity needs to rekindle our former nature and embrace a kind of purity of state—something that continues to exist in our animals.


leaning on the wall

bus station

While in some instances the dog’s size might feel intimidating, his presence in the paintings is “celebrated as [a] protector and guardian.”



Jeong creates the paintings using photographs from locations around Seoul, Korea. If the massive Min-Pin weren’t there, you might believe they were photographs themselves.

grassy field


Quite frankly, they seem eerily realistic even with the larger-than-life dog.


This is a canine that’ll be there for his human no matter what—mostly because no one can stop him.

big head

He’ll wait for you even when you can’t be with him…


… and listen closely when you need someone to talk to.

on the steps

If we can grasp one piece of reality from these wonderful works of art, it’s that dogs will go to the ends of the earth for us. But stay normal-sized, please. Our apartments are not big enough.


H/t Fubiz, Featured Image via Jeong Woojae/BlogSpot

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago