Paralyzed Doxie Can Walk Again Thanks To His Nose

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

January 12, 2015

Meet Jasper the Doxie. When he began working with researchers at Cambridge University he was 10 years old and couldn’t walk without the aid of a wheel cart. His back legs were completely paralyzed due to spinal injury.

Image via Student Science

“Before the treatment we used to have to wheel Jasper round on a trolley because his back legs were useless,” his owner said, emphasizing the severity of his disability.

Image via BBC News

To treat his spinal injury, researchers injected cells from his own nose into his lower spinal cord. These “olfactory ensheathing cells” continue to grow into adulthood, suggesting regenerative abilities. Six months after treatment, Jasper had gone from using two paws to using all four.

Image via International science Times

“Now he whizzes around the house and garden and is able to keep up with the other dogs,” his owner said at the end of the trial. “It’s wonderful.” The short video below shows Jasper’s progress from before the injections to after.

Though it may be too soon to be overly optimistic, researchers hope Jasper has paved the way for human testing, given the dramatic improvements the brave little pup showed after treatment.

Image via DailyMail

You can learn more about Jasper and witness his recovery yourself in this video from The Guardian:

h/t to BBC News

Featured image via The Times

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

January 12, 2015