We Found 5 Job Applications For Paris Hilton’s New Dog Nanny

According to Page Six of the New York Post, Paris Hilton is reportedly looking for a dog nanny for her newest doge, Princess Paris Jr. The socialite recently purchased the pup (and another for her mother) from Betty’s Teacup Yorkies, dropping a cool $25,000 for the pair.

Since this seemed like a pawfect employment opportunity in a still recovering economy, we decided to send the job listing around to a few pups we know.

Here are the ones we got back!

1. Dachshund, WeirdWiener Andromeda, 2 1/2 years, Speciality: FOOD, Licensed To Drive

via @weirdwiener
via @weirdwiener



2. English Bulldog, GoesToWork Frank, 3 1/2 years, Speciality: Snoring Lullabies, Licensed to Boat

via @frankiegoestowork
via @frankiegoestowork


3. Chipitdoxie, Suave Gustave, 0.6 years, Speciality: “Ear-ing” Talent, Licensed to Look Back At It

via @suavegustav
via @suavegustav


4. Australian Shepherd, Audrey. Just Audrey. 2 years, Speciality: Having everything on Fleek. Licensed to Pretty.



5. Beauregard, 0.1 years, Speciality: Inducing “Awwws,” Licensed to #SweaterWeatherIt



Think your pup has what it takes to be Paris Hilton’s dog nanny? Have ’em fill out the application and then post the pic on the BarkPost Facebook with the hashtag #ParisPupPair! We’ll give it our stamp of puproval and send it up along…well, a pawper channel. 🙂

Featured Image via @parishilton

h/t to Page Six



Lisa Bernier

7 years ago