Here’s How Dogs React When Their Owners Pass Out On The Sidewalk

There’s an old saying that if your dog is running away from you, a good way to get them to come back is to pretend to pass out or be in pain, and the dog will come back to see if you’re OK.

A couple of dog owners in Japan decided to test this theory by pretending to pass out while out walking their dogs. This is what happened for one disappointed dog owner:

The dog keeps walking! The dog literally disappears from the frame like they’re making a dramatic exit from an old 1950s movie. All they’re missing is rain, a fedora, and “You’ll Never Walk Alone” swelling in the background. “Walk on through the wind / walk on through the rain…”

Here’s another one. This dog is like, “Um…K, bye.”

And this dog pretty much makes a break for it:

Although to be honest, these dogs probably knew their owners were faking it and didn’t care. But still, whatever happened to loyalty, huh?

h/t Buzzfeed

Tiffany White

6 years ago

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