17 People Who Are So Over Their Neighbors’ Bad Poop Picking Habits

***Okay, some of these use (ahem) colorful language so it's best viewed with no tiny hoomans around.*** Remember when you were enjoying that pleasant, sunny walk in the park with your tail-wagger and you slipped a little? You thought it was a leaf but it turned out to be dog doo doo. You looked to the heavens as you cursed all humankind for this poo monstrosity. Well, you are not alone my friend. Here are some creative and hilarious ways other people dealt with this sticky, icky situation. This should give you some ideas. ;) 1. This person who's going above and beyond for her neighbors. Passive Aggressive note 1 2. This person who just wants to show off his throwing skillz. Passive Aggressive Note 2 3. This person who took the time to explain how the poo-shaming is going to go down. Passive Aggressive Note 3 4. This smart aleck who gave their passive-aggressive note some serious depth. passive aggressive note 4 5. This person who didn't just write a long essay but took the time to LAMINATE it. Passive Aggressive Note 7 6. This theological take. Passive Aggressive Note 8 7. This person who is ready to take down the poo criminal. Passive Aggressive note 9 8. This awesome street chalk art. Passive Aggressive Note 10 9. This note helping out a confused citizen. Passive Aggressive Note 11 10. This poor soul who just wants to understand! Passive Aggressive Note 12 11. This wonderful genius of a person who came up with a creative way to educate his neighbors. Passive Aggressive Note 12 12. It just keeps getting better. Passive aggressive note 13 13. Just oh so amazingly wonderful. Passive aggressive note 14 14. It just keeps coming! Passive Aggressive Note 14 15. This very well sectioned note. poop1 16. This colorful capture of a poo culprit. Spice of Life. For mySA. 17. These folks who are exercising their right as grandparents. Passive Aggressive note 15

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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