15 Must-Haves for the Patriotic Pup Parent

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 11, 2015

Dog Bless America, Land that I Ruff! We may have celebrated our country’s birthday with a bang, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the pawty going. So let’s go ahead and honor our four-legged friends, many of whom are heroes in their own right… I mean, can you imagine having to walk around naked ninety-five percent of the time?

1. Chewy Air Mesh Harness, $15

Red, white, blue, and with a bit of bite this Shark Week harness will keep your pup cool while still looking super hot.


2. Essentiel Antwerp Dog Dress, $371.50

This feminine frock isn’t an obvious 4th of July ensemble, which only makes it cooler. Tailored and whimsical, it’s bedecked with French bulldogs and artful splashes of red white and blue.

asos dressF

3. Patriotic Pup Jon Jon, $34.99

Every great Patriot had a right-hand-man— Abe Lincoln had William H. Seward, Johnny Carson had Ed McMahon, and Mickey had Pluto. Dress your mini ‘merican in this seersucker number embroidered with doggy holding a flag.


4. Patriotic Art Print, $24.95+

This totally rockin’ print has Bruce Springsteen written all over it. This hound was def Born in the USA, (With that faded jean jacket, I’m thinking Long Branch, NJ, specifically.)

bruce dogF


5. Boxer Drinking Glass, $18

Lap up 16 oz of domestic brew from this pint glass. It’s printed with a boxer wearing an American flag bandana. Cheers.


6. Pup Flag T-Shirt, $16.99

If we had to pick one must-have item for your pup this 4th of July, it might be this gem. As Stefon from SNL would say, “this sweatshirt has it all–an American flag print, a distressed 80’s look, and frat-tastic short sleeves.” Boom.


7. Reversible Bow Tie, $12

This red, white, and blue bow tie would make a dapper addition to any patriot’s uniform; dog silhouettes and polka dots keep it playful.


8. Hook + Albert Bowties, $65

What could be cuter than matching with your pup on America’s birthday? Nothing. The answer is nothing. You’ll be the most dapper duo at the party, paws down.


9. Patriotic Pug Pillow, $20+

This pug has his nose in the air for a reason— he’s proud to be an American! Showcase your patriotic pride with this stylish, double-sided pillow.


10. Baseball Bolster Bed, $17.49

Because what’s more American than baseball?? This cozy bed is sized for smaller pawtriots who are batting for average over power.

martha bedF

11. Gourmet Dog Cookies, $14 for 10

Today is a day to celebrate our many freedoms, including the freedom to spoil our best friends with star-shaped, grain-free pumpkin cookies. Gourmet or go home!

dog cookiesF

12. ‘Merican Dog Tote, $18+

This patriotic bag can hold all your essentials this holiday, such as fireworks, dozens of frozen hotdogs, and a stack of Uncle Sam posters to hand out to all your friends.

s6 dot toteF

13. American Floral Dress, $13.99

A frilly frock for the fancy pooch in your life, complete with a cinched high waist, flower accents, and a faux pearl! Not for your basic bitch.

martha america flowerF

14. Patriotic Duvet, $89+

Dress your bed in America’s best, ie a Bernese Mountain Dog, a Dogue de Bordeaux…oh, and some skinny non-dog.

s6 duvetF

15. Diamond American Flag Pendant, $180

At first glance, this stars and stripes necklace has nothing to do with pups, BUT IT’S A DOG TAG NECKLACE, so it works. See what we did there? Our Founding Fathers would be proud.


16. Pawtriot Phone Skin, $15

This Fox Red Labrador is dignified enough to grace any campaign poster, but instead, he decided to hang with the common folk and chill on the back of your phone. He gets our vote every time!


Featured Image via 3 Million Dogs

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 11, 2015