Dog Mom Paula Abdul Is ‘Straight Up’ Crazy About Her Tiny Puppy Pack

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 26, 2016

Paula Abdul may be one woman but there are many facets to her personality and career. She is a former Laker Girl, choreographer, singer, host of American Idol…and dog lover? Oh yes, it’s all true. Using the term “dog lover” to describe Paula Abdul might actually be an understatement because her love of pups is second to none. 
Paula has four dogs who are all girls and she refers to them as her “kids”- Bessie Moo, Tinkerbell, Tulip and Thumbelina. Paula’s pups make frequent cameos on her Instagram account @paulabdul and they are huge fans of #TongueOutTuesday posts.

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Paula Abdul’s love for her four pups RUNS DEEP. Like Pacific Ocean deep. They go everywhere with Paula. Whether it’s inside or outside. Rain or shine – but mostly shine because Paula is a true California girl! 

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Have we mentioned how photogenic her pups are? Hmmm…they must get it from their mama!

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It’s not just Paula’s love for her own pups that makes her such a superstar. What truly makes Paula special is her love for all pups (and humans too)! She has even been recognized by the American Humane Association for her work with  PAWS (Pets and Women’s Shelters program), in particular for her tireless efforts to keep animals and women safe when they have been victims of and are fleeing from domestic abuse. It’s not just about loving our own pups it’s also about spreading that love to help others. And for that Paula is such an inspiration!

Paula be like, “Straight up now tell me do you really want to love me forever?” 

Yes, Paula. We do!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 26, 2016