15 Puppy Paw Pictures That Will Give You A Major Case Of Cute Aggression

Written by: Emily Wang

August 14, 2014

Paws: those adorably soft and precious features our four-legged friends have that just melt our hearts. Maybe it’s the lack of thumbs or the adorable paw prints they leave behind that fascinate us. If you’ve taken a whiff of your pup’s paws you’ll know they smell faintly like these sneaky pooches may have been snackin’ on the stash of popcorn and Fritos in the pantry.

1. Don’t be fooled, it takes great care and many beauty pawducts to take care of these precious feet! 


2. You’ll be surprised by the pawer of friendship with these pooches.


3. No thumbs needed for a pawsome evening read.


4.  Let’s all paws for a moment to admire the beauty of these furry little toes.


5. Why didn’t the pup say anything? Because it’s not polite to talk back to your paw! Haha, we know, so funny. Just look at those amused faces.


6. This pup made a trip to the Day Spaw today and got those nails done.


7. Here’s a soo-paw close up… do you smell the popcorny deliciousness yet?


8.  A Saint Bernard walks into a bar an says to the bartender, “I would like a bourbon and…… a coke.” The bar tender says, “What’s up with the big paws?” 


9. Here, I think this cookie fell out of your paw-cket.


10. Hey girl, are you a fan of my pad?


11. Put your hands up if you’re ready to pawty! 


12. Pawdon me, could you give me a foot massage?


13. Behold: the pawfect corgi sploot.


14. This is pawsibly one of the cutest dainty paws we’ve ever seen!


 15. The best pawt about having these furry friends has got to be the pawsitivity they bring into your life!


Featured image via Grace Leary

Written by: Emily Wang

August 14, 2014