Devoted Pittie Stands Guard Over His Girlfriend After She Gets Paw Stuck In Fence

Written by: Regina Lizik

November 17, 2015

Zeus and Athena are a deeply bonded pair of Pit Bulls. Their connection is so intense that when Athena got her paw stuck in a chain link fence, Zeus refused to leave her side until help arrived – which took two days.

Athena’s paw got entangled on one of the links of the fence when she attempted to climb over it. She is tall enough that she was able to touch the ground with her forepaws, but the ordeal was still excruciatingly painful for her.

zeus and athena

Local residents say that they had heard a dog barking non-stop for two days. Zeus’ desperate cries caused residents to call for help, which came in the form of the kind humans from Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta, Georgia.

One of the volunteers said:

Zeus did not want Athena out of his sight. He cried and barked so loudly when we took her back to the vet trailer for treatment, that we had to bring him back and put him in the cage beside her.


Athena’s prognosis is very good and her paw should heal soon. Both pups are up for adoption via Fulton County Animal Services. Because the dogs are a bonded pair, volunteers hope that they can find one loving family to take both of them so that they never have to be apart.

h/t The Daily Mail.

Written by: Regina Lizik

November 17, 2015