1-800-Paw-tline-Bling: Dancing Dogs Giving Drake A Run For His Money

Since the music video debut of his freshest single “Hotline Bling,” hip-hop legend Drake has been under serious internet ridicule for his… umm… less than paw-some dance moves. Drizzy’s idea of busting a move partly reminds us of the time we caught our Dad dancing around the living room when he thought no one was watching — and also a few pups we might know.

From the awkward salsa, the hunched-over sidewalk shimmy, and the recurring (and incredibly pawkward) pointing, here are a couple of dogs we know that might be giving Drake a run for his money with their incredibly Drake-like moves.

The Tongue-Out Side Step

It’s a salsa… it’s a two-step… it’s…


The Awkward Scold

Drake hasn’t quite mastered the flirty “I don’t think so” finger, and it kind of makes us feel like we’re being scolded… kind of like this Bulldog, who’s already over this dance move.

Move along, hooman…

Human Style


That’s not how you…

She’s facing the wrong…

*scratches head*

Should someone tell him?

The Spill

The rapper is clearly experiencing severe abdominal pain due to tripping in the dog park while chasing his ball.

Oops… wait. No. Still dancing. 

The Fetch

Ohhhhhh! You threw my bone this way.

Be right back, Mom. I’ll go get it.

The “I See You’re Home Early”

Hello. Welcome Home. Thank goodness you’re here. Someone pooped in the hallway.

… and then choreographed this video.

Drake, whatever your dancing inspiration is, we say… two paws up!

Dr. Katy Nelson

7 years ago