This Genius Doormat Might Be The Solution To Your Pup’s Dirty Paws

After a long day of stomping around in the mud, getting your dog to wipe his paws can be hard work — but one company may have the solution.

The Paws and Go Mat is a revolutionary floor mat that has a hidden treat compartment that makes your dog want to wipes his paws without knowing what he’s doing. The mat is the brainchild of Harry Cotgrove, a fellow dog owner who was struggling to wipe his own dog’s paws.

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“I am always battling with my dog Skipper to try and get him to wipe his muddy and dirty paws and the products we have tried to solve this have not been very effective,” Cotgrove wrote on his Kickstarter page. “So I set about my own solution, if there was a separate compartment in the mat I knew Skipper would pause and search around for it, not only is this an exciting game for Skip but it also would dry his paws for him.”

Though teaching your dog to dig for a treat may seem like work in itself, Cotgrove noted that “very, very little” training is required to teach your dog how to use the mat.

“Within no time at all your dog will know where the compartment is and will use the mat all by himself even if there is no treat in there,” Cotgrove wrote. Plus, should your dog have difficulty using the mat, a training guide is provided with every purchase to ensure maximum efficiency.

Looks like someone could use a Paws and Go!
Looks like someone could use a Paws and Go!

The mats are currently available for purchase on the page’s Kickstarter, which is looking to raise $7,173 by May 1. Some other fun rewards are available for backers as well, like a reversible bandana and treat bag.

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