12 Reasons Why These ‘Dogs’ Have The Coolest Family Ever

Biscuit the Labradoodle is a member of one of the best packs of pups ever. It’s a pack like no other, because it’s 100% untraditional.

His fellow dogs aren’t canines at all. They’re rodents, Prairie Dogs to be exact. But Bing and Swarley don’t know they’re any different from their fluffy brother. All they know is they are family.

Oh, we forgot to mention that their pack also includes two ducks: Hugh Quackman and Halpert.

Check out our roundup of why Dog, Prairie Dogs and ‘Duck Dogs’ have the coolest life ever.

1. This pup doesn’t need a rubber duckie because he has an ACTUAL duckie.

2. Biscuit gets to wear cool fashion accessories like this ‘prairie pack,’ which is obviously far cooler than a fanny pack. Plus it carries mega-cuteness, so HOLLA! #chickmagnet

3. Mealtime always comes with its own pawsome soundtrack.

4. They have an in-home gym and a personal trainer.

5. Everyone in this family has a lot of feelings about the finale of Lost.

6. Once again, Biscuit’s fashion sense is on point, which helps him snag the ladies at the dog park.


7. In addition to prairie sitting, Biscuit sometimes has to break up pool hall brawls. This makes him feel like Clint Eastwood. That is awesome.

8. They have random costume parties, because why not?

9. They spend their days writing the next great American novel.

10. Their house is stocked with cookies.

11. The ducks give great back massages.

12. Most importantly, this pack of besties is full of a lot of love and devotion.

Regina Lizik

7 years ago