One Simple Way This Organization is Preventing Dogs From Going to Shelters

Written by: Stephanie Figy

June 26, 2015

According to research, one of the top reasons people surrender their pets is due to cost. While we don’t like the idea of anyone surrendering a four-legged friend, there’s no denying the many hardships people endure. Realizing this statistic and wanting to help, Angela King founded non-profit organization Chow Pantry.


“Chow Pantry is a mobile pet food pantry. We provide supplemental dog and cat food to people who have animals in need,” King says to WTHR.

They typically provide their meals on wheels at a human food pantry, so people can get food for their whole family in one stop. King says people are usually surprised and relieved when they realize they can get pet food.


King says about three out of five families who show up at the food pantries have at least one pet in the home. On the average Saturday, the group provides 5 pounds of dog food for up to 50 dogs and 3 pounds of cat food for up to 40 cats.


King’s daughter volunteers alongside her mom and says the best part is helping people keep their pets.

“A woman was so thankful for what my mom does, and told her that it got a little emotional… and told her that if it wasn’t for her she would have had to surrender her pet, and now she’s back up on her feet and wants to help out and wants to give back.”

If you’re interested in helping, check out their Gofundme site. No pet should ever go hungry.

Featured image via Chow Pantry

Written by: Stephanie Figy

June 26, 2015