Pet Store Lies About The Dogs They Are Selling, But The Reason Is Wonderful

Reviewed by Hope Bobbitt

April 29, 2015

The Brazilian organization Quatro Patinhas created a program called Priceless Pets – teaming up with pet stores for the surprise of a lifetime.

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The program replaced pet store purebreds for sale with puppies that were up for adoption and free of charge. The catch? Customers were unaware of the swap.

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The Brazilian pet store chain American Pet hid cameras around the store to document customers as they continued to gush over the adorable puppies in the window. When it came time to pick out pets for purchase customers were informed that their chosen dog was free of charge!

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A nice break from the hundreds of dollars pet store pups tend to be. However, the project did way more than just provide customers with a substantial discount.

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“There are thousands of animal shelters in Brazil. And most of them are overcrowded. 
Yet, people keep spending a lot of money to buy a pet rather than adopting one. We believe
 there’s no difference between purebred animals and shelter animals,” says Priceless Pets.

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The sneaky swap proved that dogs up for adoption are just as desirable as pedigrees and provided some puppies with furever homes along the way. “Better than buying a life is saving one,” says Priceless Pets.

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the organization is planning to bring the project to the 41 other pet stores they operate! Make sure to check out the video below and stay tuned for more of this tail wagging adventure.

h/t to BuzzFeed

Reviewed by Hope Bobbitt

April 29, 2015