This Pet Store’s Pledge Will Change The Lives Of Local Rescue Dogs Forever

Written by: Regina Lizik

August 11, 2015

Pets Plus Natural, a chain of stores in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, is radically changing its business model. The company plans to sell more dogs than ever…

Doesn’t sound like a radical change, does it? But it is.

The chain of stores will only be “selling” adoptable rescue pups.

pets plus 1

After a meeting with the Humane Society of the United States, Pets Plus co-owner Bruce Smith said that he felt it was his calling to help rescue animals find loving homes.

The alarming statistics involving shelter animals was one of the things that affected Bruce. The Humane Society estimates that an animal is euthanized every 13 seconds because shelters are overflowing with strays and they do not have the funds to care for all of them.

pets plus 2

Although no animal lover likes to hear those statistics, many pet store owners are resistant to follow Pet Plus Natural’s lead due to financial concerns. Pet stores sell puppies for an average of $1,000. Adoption fees rarely top $500.

Bruce says:

“This program has hurt the company financially because of the difference of the retail price compared to doing adoption. But, we’re hoping the influx of new customers will make up the difference.”

Things may balance out sooner than anyone expects. The company is already seeing a 10% increase in customers.

pets plus 3

For Bruce, the potential financial hardships are a small price to pay for saving the lives of, what could amount to, hundreds of dogs.

Currently, the stores locations receive weekly “deliveries” of dogs from Kentucky, Mississippi, New Jersey, Virginia and West Virginia. Many of these dogs would be euthanized within a week if they did not become a part of the Pets Plus Natural adoption program.

High paws, hoomans!! And good luck to the pups who are finding forever homes because of Pets Plus Natural’s adoption program!

For more information, visit Pets Plus Natural’s website.

Feature image via Pets Plus Natural.

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h/t Philly Voice.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

August 11, 2015

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