Scientist Gets Drunk Off Dog Product To Get Major Pet Retailer To Stop Selling It

Written by: Lisa Bernier

January 22, 2015

Note: Due to strong language, tiny hoomans should not watch. Also, make sure you check with a veterinarian before you give your pup any kind of supplement!

Good Dog, a homeopathic dog calming supplement, has 13% alcohol, a similar amount to many wines. Various pup parents, including research chemist Yvette d’Entremont, were astonished to learn this. They were even more astonished it was being carried by major pet retailer Petco. Despite the listing of the ingredient as inactive, veterinarian Dr. Narda Robinson stated to ABC 7News Denver when the outlet investigated the product that:

“It is not advisable to recommend products with a high concentration of alcohol for pets…If this product has a calming effect, it’s probably because of the alcohol, not because of the homeopathic medicine.”

Dr. Tina Wismer, with the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center also told the news outlet that, “They [the supplements] are supposed to be dosed at a couple of drops per animal. Certainly if they ingested the entire bottle and it was a small animal, they may become intoxicated.”

via Petco
via Petco

Petco itself issued a statement when the initial story broke, saying:

“When used as directed, this product has no negative effect on pets, and no known pet deaths or illnesses have been associated with this product in the 10 years it has been sold at Petco.”

Despite their statement, D’Entremont, along with other pup parents, felt the product should be recalled. To illustrate her argument, she filmed herself getting drunk by drinking the supplement and posted it on YouTube.

That, along with a petition and the investigation done by 7 News Denver was enough to get Petco to remove the product from their shelves.

Petco issued a public statement regarding the recall:

“The health and safety of pets and people is Petco’s top priority. We sell a variety of calming remedies for pets with anxiety and also recommend that pet parents consult with their vet to ensure that there are no underlying health issues. In light of recent concerns expressed by some of our customers with regard to Good Dog Pet Calming Supplement, and this product’s alcohol content, we have decided to issue a voluntary recall, effective immediately. While we are unaware of any instances of this product causing illness when used as directed, customers can return this product to any of our stores for a full refund of their purchase.”

Additionally, the pet supply chain offered to buy back the supplement from those who had purchased it.

This is the second major recall Petco has done recently, following a previous announcement that they (as well as PetSmart) were pulling Chinese manufactured chicken jerky treats off their shelves after said treats were linked to pet deaths.

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Written by: Lisa Bernier

January 22, 2015