These Photos and Videos Show Just How Crazy Things Get When a BarkBox Arrives

Want your pup to get a BarkBox? Sign up now and get their tail wagging! So, let's say you have a BarkBox (because you're awesome like that), then chances are your dog is used to being pampered in goodies like a boss. This might lead to some strange behavior. Does your dog now think he's an astronaut after receiving our June "space camp"-themed box? Or what about a suave casanova after receiving our popular flower toys from our April box? wally2 If your dog is morphing into a creative connoisseur, a shifting chameleon of sophisticated behavior, then they might have BarkBox fever. GIF2 But don't fret! This is a good thing. barkbox-whatsinside1 A very good thing. barkbox-whatsinside4 But there's more to BarkBox than just awesome pawducts. Our boxes, each with adorable monthly themes, are a great way to get involved in our BarkBox community. Check out some of these hilarious submissions we received for our June box, #spacepawblems, which was full of space goodies for our little fluff cadets in training. And our personal favorite. And who could forget April's box, #pupvswild, which showed off our dogs' prehistoric side. barkbox-whatsinside But nothing tops last year's Christmas box, #doginabox, which, um, needs no introduction. Opening a BarkBox is about the experience. It's the excited look in your dog's eye, the funny items they receive, and, of course, all the Instagram-worthy picture opportunities it brings. I mean, hellooo. barkbox-whatsinside2 So the next time you receive your BarkBox, remember to share pictures and videos with the hashtag #BarkBoxDay. How could you not?
Featured image via @calaiscampbellthepuppy/

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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