13 Humans Who Have No Problem Taking Awkward Photos Of Their Pups

We humans have #ThrowbackThursday photos that are hilariously awkward and embarrassing. Of course, there's the whole mom-breaks-out-the-photo-album when your significant other comes over to meet the parents. Don't endure the shame alone, inflict it on your dogs! 1. "Iz this not how to terlet?" potty chihuahua 2. "I'm about to make like an Easter egg and hide." dog dressed like bunny boston 3. "Remember Glamour Shots? LOLZ." New-2013-Supernova-Sale-Lovely-Puppy-Pet-Dog-Rain-Coat-Jacket-Dog-Clothes-Apparel-Cloth-Dog 4. "It's your fault for giving me all this food!" cute-dog-puppy-sleep-1 5. "You two were so cute!" "Yeah but we're naked ewwwwwww" Puppies-playing 6. "Okay, I still do this sometimes." awkward puppy sleeping 7. "WITH PAWS WIDE OPENNNN" funny-puppy-dog-open-arms-hug 8. "It grew back!" yorkie awkward haircut 9. "No...not the Christmas play. Please." #IsThisReallyHappeningRightNow awkward-pet-photos-baby-jesus-dog 10. "That was so unbelievably pawkward." King-Charles-spaniel awkward 11. "Admit it, those shoes are hip again." dorky yorkie shoes 12. "MOMMMMMM SO EMBARRASSING!!!" potd-puppy_3132318k 13. "Can we please just forget this ever happened???" #mortified tiny-puppy-gets-stuck
Featured image via Gallery Hip

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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