This Painting Pooch Is Being Called The Next Picasso

Written by: People Pets

February 27, 2015

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All it took was a little training, some treats, and duct tape.

That’s what Newman the dog needs to paint his masterpieces. The 18-month-old dog from Euclid, Minnesota, who a local news station calls the “next Picasso,” paints colorful canvases and sells his work on Etsy (for about $30 a pop).

According to a report from ABC 7 News, this hobby started as an outlet to keep the hyper dog busy during the winter months, but has turned into much more.

“I wanted to show that rescue dogs are smart, and I wanted him to be an ambassador for that. It’s just added bonus that if anybody wants to support him by purchasing one of his pieces of art that donations would be given back to [animal rescue],” owner Kaydi Grunhovd said.

These pictures, though, were not painted overnight. Grunhovd said she used positive reinforcement and lots of treats to first get Newman to hold the brush, then finally got him to paint the canvases with brushes she fashioned with duct tape.

“Each one of my paintings is specially created with doggy adapted paint brushes that I hold in my mouth,” reads a message on the dog’s Etsy page. “Since I don’t have thumbs, my mom helps me by dipping the brush in paint, I take the brush from her and push the brush across the painting.”

Since his Etsy page launched at the end of January, the response has been doggone good: WDAZ news reports that Newman sold 3 paintings in just 24 hours.

Click on the video to watch the pooch in action!

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Written by: People Pets

February 27, 2015