Pick of the Litter: This Weimaraner family is just so awkward.

Written by: Jared Smith

December 14, 2015

Anyone know of a modeling agency for dog families?

This week, one of our readers, Tamara, sent us a compilation of photos featuring her family of Weimaraners. And let’s just say they are definitely fit for a mantlepiece. I might even want a couple of wallet sizes.


Here we have Mr. and Mrs. Weimaraner who came dressed to impress. Mr. W is clearly wearing the tie his wife bought him last Christmas, and the Mrs. pulled out her best tutu for the occasion.

Lookin’ good, guys! I know what to expect on the cover of the family newsletter this month!


Here we have the oldest Weimaraner child. He graduated from college two years ago, but still lives at home with his parents. He did not want to take this photo but Mrs. W started to throw around phrases like, “I just want ONE picture of you,” and “This is why we can’t have nice things,” so he put on the hat and posed.


And the youngest Weimaraner!

This is the face you make when you put on the crocheted bear hat, just to make your parents happy… and then all your friends suddenly show up at the front door. Aghh! How did he forget Max and Hudson were coming over for pizza rolls? For Dog’s sake, please don’t bring this up at school, guys.

Thank you Weimaraner fam, for the Weimariffic photos! Send us your awkward dog family photos so we can spread the joyous discomfort!

Written by: Jared Smith

December 14, 2015