15 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How It Feels To Own A Husky

1. At first, it seems pretty manageable. AND ADORABLE! huskypuppy 2. When he’s 9 pounds, his 90 pound adult weight seems like a wacky made up number. And anyway 90 pounds isn’t that much, right? huskiepup 3. Wrong. bigdog2 4. Blink, and your cuddly little furball is now big enough to get in some serious trouble. messdog 5. Serious trouble. 6. And don’t forget, all of that mayhem is super-demanding in terms of sheer calories. dogflooreat 7. Those kilocals gotta come from somewhere. fooddog 8. Just hope something you love isn’t on the menu. hammockdog [bp_related_article] 9. If you’re lucky, you’ll eventually reach an understanding with your Husky. hammockdog2 10. With maturity, you’ll relax into the gentleness of simpatico familiarity. couchdogs 11. But every once in a while, made complacent by comfort, you’ll brag to your friends, “Oh, I own the most wonderful Husky. He’s so—" And your Husky’s like: shockhusky 12. "Own? You own me? I don’t think so." 4panelhusky 13. "I BELONG TO THE WIND AND THE MOON AND THE THRILL OF THE CHASE." rundog 14. "You may, however, continue to scratch behind my ears. Belly rubs are also appreciated." headscratch 15. "But do not forget your place, human." squintdog

Featured image via Imgur

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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