Greater Than The Sum Of Her Parts, Pig Is In A Breed Of Her Own

There's no question that humans have played the lead role in shaping the amazingly diverse variety of breeds we have today, but often times letting nature be more...well...natural, can be far more interesting. And cute. Like really really, ridiculously cute. Just take a look at Pig, for example. Pig is an adorably unusual mixed breed pup with a short spine who's DNA results were just recently announced. Channel your inner breed guessing powers and let's see if you can figure out her breed! (Hint: There's more than one answer!)   Alright, let's start at the beginning, here's Pig as an adorable puppy!   pigpuppy1   Getting any ideas?   -e8c06bd9bb48ccde   Okay here's a pretty huge hint: check out that tongue!   -6da2da5667e993f1   Is this the face of an Akita? A Husky?   -87dc3e7fe3b30b28   Pig is just going to check out this ice cream cone while she waits for you to figure it out.   pigicecream1   Think you have it?   pigbeg-e7615fcb10252d78   Answer: Pig's DNA test results revealed her to be a Chow Chow, Boxer, and American Staffordshire Terrier mix! But that doesn't mean that that's the ONLY breeds she has in her, in fact she probably also has some ancestry in a fairly large variety of breeds, not that it matters too much to her owner, Kim Dillenbeck who told "To me, she is just 1 in a million. As much as I can see her potential in all these breeds, she is still just Pig." Were you surprised? What other breeds did you think might be in Pig's DNA?  
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All images via Joey Kennedy and Mark Almond

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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