Pit Bull Becomes The Hero We All Need By Biting A Would-Be Attacker In The Butt

Droogie, a Pit Bull who lives in Southern California, launched into superhero mode last week when a stranger attacked his teenage best friend. Droogie, young man, their mom and Droogie’s tiny doggie sister named Pebbles, were out for their evening walk when a man ran at the dog’s BFF and stabbed him with a screwdriver.

The brave Pittie flew into action, preventing the attacker from doing any serious damage. Droogie bit the man on the butt and legs. Sadly, the man stabbed Droogie in the neck, but he was too weakened by the pup’s bites to cause a major injury.

Watch Droogie’s best friend recount the story in a local news broadcast:

Feature image via San Gabriel Valley Tribune and NBC Los Angeles.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago

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