“I’m A Good Dog” Is A Moving Tribute To America’s Most Misunderstood Breed

It's common knowledge that the noble, affectionate Pit Bull gets a bad rap. Author Ken Foster has written a tribute to these special dogs, complete with gorgeous photographic illustrations. pitbull book im a good dog The appropriately-named Mr. Foster's passionate tome aims to debunk many myths about the breed. I'm A Good Dog is full of facts and personal accounts of these wiggly lovebugs. pitbull little girl For example, did you know that Helen Keller had a Pit Bull? Sir Thomas may have been one of the world's first therapy dogs. helen keller pit bull dog Foster discusses the history of the pups, including accounts of Pittie rescue in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and the story of the Vicktory dogs. Katrina-Pitbull If you're a Pit Bull parent or aficionado, this gorgeous book is a must for your library! cute pit bull mom and baby puppy  dogurl
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Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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