Pit Bull Chained In Floodwaters Is Rescued, Sparks Outcry For A Ban On Tethering

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 14, 2016

Had this defeated Pittie not been seen by just the right person, he (we’ll call him male, for now) might have suffered a much worse fate amidst rising floodwaters in Gonzales, Louisiana.

pit bull flood louisiana

A flurry of social media concern brought photos of the pup to the attention of the LA Humane Society. It’s not difficult to tell by his hunched posture and hopeless look that this pup had come close to giving up.


The Pit Bull was left tied to a tree and already crouched on the highest point of land. He stood in open water. Based on the photos alone, the Humane Society zeroed in on the dog’s location. Parish sheriffs arrived on the lookout for his owner, but could not locate anyone.

Fortunately, a sheriff’s deputy contacted a relative who took the pup inside.

pit lousiana

WBRZ reports that the owner did contact them following several stories on the mistreatment of his dog, and “was shocked” to hear of the allegations.

The man says he has been staying with his grandfather, who did not want the dog, and that the pup had been living with his cousin.

As of now, the owner is under ongoing investigation.

The thought of what could have been in this scenario drove the creation of a petition to ban the chaining of dogs in all Louisiana parishes. It’s received nearly 18,000 signatures directed to Governor John Bel Edwards in just a couple of days, and could mean an end to tethering in yet another U.S. location.

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 14, 2016