NC Shelter Will No Longer Automatically Euthanize Pit Bulls, Rottweilers & Chows

Reviewed by Dina Fantegrossi

April 8, 2016

Shelter dogs in Greensboro, NC won a major battle this week – one that means the difference between life and death. Guilford County law no longer requires its animal shelter to euthanize dogs that appear to be Pit Bulls, Chows, or Rottweilers automatically. The Guilford County Commissioners voted 8-1 to abolish this policy, previously set while the shelter was under the control of the United Animal Coalition.


The UAC took over management of the troubled shelter in 1998, but has itself come under attack in recent years with allegations of animal abuse and inhumane shelter conditions. A February 4, 2016 report from N & R Greensboro states that the non-profit organization is officially disbanding.


Under the UAC’s control, it was the responsibility of shelter staff to determine, by sight alone, whether a dog bore any resemblance to the three condemned breeds. Logan Rustin of Animal Control Services was interviewed by Fox8, and had this to say about the defunct euthanasia policy:

Eighty to ninety percent of the dogs we take in appear to have Pit Bull features. If the dog has a good temperament, it should have a chance at being adopted regardless of breed.


Rustin is confident that this change will bring about higher adoption numbers for the shelter as more people judge dogs based on their personalities, rather than their appearance or breed. He also discussed some of the other positive changes that the shelter will adopt based on the Commissioners’ decision. They plan to offer discounts for military veterans, holiday events, and discounted adoption fees for adopters rescuing senior pets and bonded pairs.

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Reviewed by Dina Fantegrossi

April 8, 2016