Rescuer Crawls Under House To Rescue Litter Of Puppies, Actually Gets Down And Dirty

Written by: Zoe Costello

July 18, 2015

Watch and share this incredible video of a homeless Pit Bull family being rescued from underneath an abandoned house. It’s wonderful.

Co-founder of Hope for Paws, Eldad Hagar tells the story best:

When Hope For Paws got the call from L.A on Cloud 9 about Sansa and her family, I was told that she has taken refuge in this poor neighborhood. Inside that fenced area that you can see in the video, there were 3 houses. The first house was empty, and the other two had tenants. The tenants were very kind of Sansa, they fed her with the little they had, and one day she crawled under the house and had given birth to her seven babies.

When we got there, Sansa was sitting outside with the two men, and when she smelled the food, she approached Lisa Chiarelli who joined me on this mission along with Claudia Perez.

sansa food

Lisa Chiarelli placed my leash around her, and I started looking for the puppies. When I found their location, I asked Claudia to hold onto Sansa, and I crawled under the house… handing the puppies, one by one to Lisa Chiarelli.


Once we had all the puppies, we continued to their foster home with Bullies and Buddies (they named the seven babies after the seven dwarves from Disney’s Snow White). After playing in that yard with her, there is a time gap where the babies got adopted, and Sansa’s milk dried out and she is now happy, healthy, and looking for her forever home.

Please help this beautiful, loving pup find a home! To apply to adopt Sansa, please visit Bullies and Buddies.

And click here to donate to Hope For Paws.

H/t Hope for Paws

Written by: Zoe Costello

July 18, 2015