Adding These Flowers To Your Pup’s Photos Can Save Dogs’ Lives

Written by: BarkGood

April 30, 2015

April showers bring May flowers, but what do May flowers bring? FLOWER POWER! This May, we’re partnering with Sophie Gamand, photographer extraordinaire, to share and support her amazing initiative, FLOWER POWER: Pit Bulls of the Revolution.

Pit Bull Flower Power blossomLBLOSSOM, available at Brookhaven Animal Shelter: see her full profile here

 Sophie is working hard to get her ethereal subjects — pit bulls with intricate flower crowns — adopted and change the way society views this highly misunderstood breed.

Pit bull flower power AmyLLAMY, available at Animal Haven: see full profile here)

She volunteers to photograph pit bulls in shelters but her pictures are no ordinary shelter dog portraits, and that’s the point.

Pit Bull Flower Power shirleyLLSHIRLEY, available at Sean Casey Animal Rescue: see her full profile here

By highlighting the magical beauty of adoptable pit bulls, she is changing the way we see them, literally and figuratively and finding them homes in the meantime.

Now, we’re getting on board and so should you!

Pit Bull Flower Power kingLLKING, available at Animal Haven: see full profile here

It’s your turn to photograph a flower-adorned pooch – your own! First, get some inspiration from Sophie’s phenomenal work, then take your own photo with our printable flower crown (scroll down for directions).

Pit Bull Flower Power aphroditeLLAPHRODITE, available at Sean Casey Animal Rescue: see full profile here

And don’t forget to follow Sophie as she continues to empower pit bulls, while also taking on new, equally impressive projects. Find her on Instagram (@sophiegamand), Facebook, and see all of her charitable work at You can even buy her prints and a #PitBullFlowerPower calendar on her professional site:

Pit Bull Flower Power cashLLCASH, available at Brookhaven Animal Shelter: see full profile here

Feast your eyes and get to snappin’ pics of your own pooch!

How to make your own Flower Power Portrait!

Now it’s time to get involved! Regardless of your dog’s breed or magical breed combination, we need you to help spread the Flower Power love. Here’s how:

1. Print the below image (click the image to download a PDF)

2. Cut out the flower crown and place on your pup’s head!

3. Share a photo of your dog wearing the crown and use hashtags #PitBullFlowerPower and #BarkBox!

4. Stay tuned to see if you win! We’ll be selecting one Flower-Powered pup to receive an extra month of BarkBox PLUS we’ll feature the winning photo on BarkBox’s social media accounts!

Pit bull flower power flower crown

Click the above image or HERE to download your very own flower crown!

All photos courtesy of Sophie Gamand 

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Written by: BarkGood

April 30, 2015

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