Pit Bull No One Wanted Found A Family With 9 Puppies Who Desperately Needed A Mother

Reviewed by Michella Ventres

March 7, 2016

The humans at Forever Friends Animal Rescue saved Star, a Pit Bull, from a shelter because no one wanted to adopt her. It’s incredibly surprising that people didn’t want to make this sweet girl a member of their family. But maybe that happened for a reason, you see, Star found a family of her own.

star and puppies

This loving and maternal Pibble adopted nine puppies who were in a similarly dire situation. According to the Geelong Advertiser, the mother of the five week old puppies, Jewel, was in severe distress when she was found. Rescuers rushed her to the vet, but sadly, Jewel did not survive. It’s likely that Jewel came from a backyard breeder and that she had had as many as five litters in as few as three years. Having that many puppies in such a short amount of time was a terrible strain on her.

jewels puppies

The puppies were devastated after their mom’s passing, but their future got a lot brighter when Forever Friends Animal Rescue placed them in foster care. It was there that they met Star.

The rescue’s president, Saskia Adams, told the Geelong Advertiser:

To our astonishment, she’s taken the puppies under her wing as a surrogate mother.

While Star was hard at work doing what seemed to come natural to her, Forever Friends Animal Rescue reached out to their community and raised $8,500 to help with the medical cost for the puppies. With the combined efforts of Star and this rescue, we are pleased to let you know that all the puppies have now found homes and are happy and healthy! If that’s not enough good news for you, Star has also found a forever home of her own!

star puppies 2

While the rescue is saddened by the horrific events that led up to Jewel’s death, they are grateful to Star for transforming into the perfect momma to help save the lives of nine very lucky pups.

Feature Image: Facebook/ Forever Friends Animal Rescue

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Reviewed by Michella Ventres

March 7, 2016