Pit Bull Fridays: The Best Reason Yet To Look Forward To The End Of The Week

Written by: Benjamin Moore

February 4, 2016

So we’re starting a thing. It’s a Pit Bull thing. Basically, if you like Pit Bulls, you’re going to like this thing. If you love Pit Bulls, you’re going to LOVE this thing. And if you eat, drink, breathe, and sleep Pit Bulls (metaphorically-speaking!), you’re going to…I mean, I think you get where I’m going with this.

What is this thing that I’m talking about so cryptically here?

american staffordshire terrier

Pit Bull Fridays (#PitBullFridays on social) is a new event that BarkPost will be putting on every week. (Think Pit Bull Week, but all year round, forever and ever.)


Every Friday – starting tomorrow, February 5th – we’ll be bringing you Pit Bull-focused content here, on our Facebook page, and across all other social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat). We’re going to have Pit Bull-related feature articles (a mix of fun and serious) from people deeply involved in the rescue/Pit Bull community. We’re going to ask you, our readers, to #ShowUsYourPitties (i.e., send us pictures of your Pit Bulls with little stories about how they came into your life; we’ll round up the best every week and share them in a post). And we’re going to stream live video content on our Facebook page.

Do you remember Clark Kent? He’s an insanely adorable 10-month-old Pibble with facial bone masses that, quite frankly, just make him more adorable. We wrote about him last week.

Clark Kent The Super Pittie

In his short ten months on Earth, he’s faced death twice –  once by euthanasia, once by pneumonia – and lived to tell the tale, hence his superhero name and outfit. He’s up for adoption through Rock & Rawhide while he lives with a foster family (and a human foster sister he absolutely adores). And this Friday, he’s going to be at the BarkBox New York offices where he’ll star in a live-stream video @2:30pm EST on our Facebook page!

(We’re…pretty excited, in case you couldn’t tell.)

Why are we doing Pit Bull Fridays? Well, besides just wanting to celebrate the general awesomeness of Pit Bulls, we want to raise awareness about a type of dog that is often unfairly maligned.

Guybrush the Pit Bull Dog

For those who don’t know: Pit Bulls are more likely to end up in shelters than any other type of dog, they’re more likely to be neglected and abused, and they’re more likely to be the victims of prejudice and discrimination. Dogfighters fight them. Towns and counties and countries have banned them. Insurance companies and landlords impose unfair restrictions on them. The truth is, life is just plain unfair for the many millions of wonderful Pit Bulls living around the world.


And yet, through it all, they’re still so exceptionally loving, affectionate, and loyal to us, the people who have wronged them time and again. They’re a special kind of dog, and for that, they deserve a special kind of recognition.

So – Pit Bull Fridays. It’s a thing, we’re doing it, and I hope you join us.

If you’d like to #ShowUsYourPitties or submit a Pit Bull-themed essay or article, please email [email protected].

Featured image via HansyandBrush/Instagram

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Written by: Benjamin Moore

February 4, 2016

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