Concerned Pibble Couldn’t Find Her Human, So She Asked This Nice Officer For Help

Reviewed by Arin Greenwood

February 9, 2016

When you were a kid, your parents probably told you to go find a police officer for help if you ever got lost.


That’s just what this sweet Pit Bull here did on Tuesday morning, when she got loose from her owner.

pit pull in cop car

According to a post on the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Officer Larry Taylor was out in his brand new police car when he got what was described as  “a very unexpected visitor.”

A dog ran and jumped right in when the door was opened and she made herself all comfortable in his passenger seat. Her owner was located, came and was able to get her out. That is after she spent some time with Officer Taylor writing a police report.

Getting serious for just a moment: it’s hard to see this photo and not feel relief; things could have gone much worse.

Public information officer Melissa Bujeda told BarkPost that Jacksonville police officers see every dog, and every human, as “unique, and we are trained to treat each encounter as such.”

She continued:

This was a non-aggressive dog looking for a friend. Officer Taylor was able to be that friend while she was hanging out in his car. She was very relaxed and loving every minute of it.

And that’s what we call: Case closed.

H/t & Featured Image via Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Reviewed by Arin Greenwood

February 9, 2016