This Pit Bull Was Left In A Parking Lot Tied To Dog Food; Now He’s Missing

Written by: Regina Lizik

December 18, 2015

**Update December 21, 2015**

The abandoned dog who caught the attention of thousands of people around the world has found a forever home. Tyson, who was left tied to a pole in the middle of a parking lot, was rescued the very night someone abandoned him. A local woman saw him wandering close to a 99 cent store.

tyson update

The woman who saved the pup has not been identified, but she has been in contact with Charice Zajik who is one of the people that was searching for Tyson. Charice posted the above photo of Tyson in his new home with the update:

He was scooped up by an ANGEL in the night!!!!! She saw him wandering the parking lot then return to the pole sitting there sad and cold. She opened her car door, he jumped right in and she took him home. He has been safe this whole time with the caring person who couldn’t leave him in that parking lot. She told me he is doing great, a big baby and plans to keep him.

We couldn’t be happier for Tyson, and for his new hooman! We’re certain they are going to have an amazing time celebrating the holidays together!

**Original Story**

When Chris Tina Cecil walked into the parking lot of her local 99 cents store in Bakersfield, California, she saw one of the most tragic things any dog lover could ever see – an abandoned pup tied to both a bag of dog food and a post. There was no water.

Not long after Chris posted the photo to Facebook, Jason Diggs saw the photo, which soon went viral, and realized it was his dog Tyson.

tyson 2

Jason says that the dog disappeared while he was putting his baby to sleep one night. He came downstairs and the Pit Bull was gone. He believes his in-laws stole the dog with the intent of abandoning her. He says they never liked the pup.

Chris contacted the rescue Marley’s Mutts, but the dog was gone by the time they got to the parking lot.

tyson 3

Now the hunt is on for Tyson. No one knows what happened to him. Did he break free from his chain? Is he wandering around the streets of California alone and frightened? Did someone save him? Did he end up in a shelter and eventually put to sleep?

More than one rescue has joined the search and thousands of people on social media are sharing Tyson’s picture in the hopes that someone will recognize him. If you have seen this dog, please contact Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue.

h/t the Dodo.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

December 18, 2015

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