Stuffed Animal Thinks He’s A Real Dog, Rescue Pit Bull Believes Him

Reviewed by Nicole Zalat

June 3, 2016

You ever see a dog so friendly he’ll play with anyone? Grandmas, babies, horses, a broomstick. Some pups are just born with an ability to turn all the way up when the mood strikes. Theodore is one of these puppers.

Theodore and Duncan Playing
That’s Theodore with the jazz paws.

He’s such a playful doggo that his human (or staff, because Pit Bulls don’t have owners), who is an animal behaviorist, brings Theodore along on training sessions. Sometimes these training sessions involve a stuffed Rottweiler named Rocky.

stuffed rottweiler dog

Despite being told by his human that Rocky isn’t real, this was Theodore’s reaction when he spotted Rocky in his backyard:

And it wasn’t even the first time Theodore met the stuffed dog. This video was taken a year ago:

Never get in between a Pibble and his best friend, I guess. To see more videos and pictures of Theodore, who was rescued from the 2nd largest dogfighting raid in U.S. history in 2013, follow him on Facebook!

Featured image via Pibbling with Theodore

Reviewed by Nicole Zalat

June 3, 2016