It Took 2 Years To Rescue This Sweet Pit Bull, And When They Did, They Found A Surprise

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

May 19, 2016

For two years residents of Swatara Township, Pennsylvania came to know a stray Pit Bull they named Rosie. Many people tried to capture the dog, but Rosie always managed to retain her freedom.


Recently Rosie became pregnant and gave birth to a litter of seven beautiful puppies at an abandoned farm where she’d been living. With all those mouths to feed, nosing through garbage and seeking shelter in a pile of rubble just wouldn’t do. So at the request of the police, the kind folks at Speranza Animal Rescue stepped in.


Capturing the elusive Rosie would take plenty of finesse and lots of patient, but the rescuers were up for the challenge. After seven hours of tracking Rosie across the overgrown farm land, the volunteers succeeded in securing the frightened pooch for transport to the shelter. They posted the video of her capture to their Facebook page.

But their work was far from over. They still had to locate her pups. They discovered a pile of decaying wood and rubble on the property. As they began to dig through the mess, a tiny white pup appeared! Six lovely puppies were unearthed from the pile and safely transported back to the Speranza facility along with their mother. They spent their first night indoors with plenty of food and cozy blankets for snuggling.

rosie and pups

Thankfully, the rescuers returned to the site where Rosie and her babies were discovered the following day. It is not clear whether they were acting on a tip from a neighbor or simply being thorough, but their return saved a life. One of the volunteers heard a faint cry, and after 2 hours of digging and searching through the rubble, they unearthed a seventh puppy.

Rosie and her babies are still in the capable and generous hands of Speranza Animal Rescue where they will remain until they can be socialized and cleared for adoption. All seven lovable pups have been given names starting with ‘R’ just like their momma. They are Romeo, Reagan, Remington, Rita, Ronnie, Reggie and Ricky.


Speranza has received inquiries about adopting Rosie and her pups, and they have pledged to alert the public online as soon as they are ready to go. For the time being, they want to remind everyone that there are many other dogs at their facility and shelters across the country waiting for their forever homes. Click here to see Speranza Animal Rescue’s current list of adoptable dogs.

H/T to Local 21 News

Featured Image via Speranza Animal Rescue

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

May 19, 2016

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